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Terms and Conditions



1.1        Scope

1.1.1    The below mentioned Terms and Conditions shall apply on all Users of our website https://www.maityo.com (“Maityo”) which is managed and owned by Winnopro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Winnopro”).

1.1.2    Users of Maityo accept, without limitation or qualification, the Terms and Conditions set forth herein whenever they visit, access, browse or use this website.

1.1.3    Users when access to any of the Pages/ Material/ Content (whether belonging to any third parties or Partner of Winnopro/ Maityo or otherwise) through Maityo, then those Pages/ Material/ Content may have its own Terms and Conditions, that are specific to those parties.

1.1.4    Terms and Conditions of any other or additional articles/terms/ clauses posted on Maityo together constitute the whole agreement between Winnopro and the Users with respect to the use of Maityo.

1.2        Defined Terms

1.2.1    “Brand” means and refers to individuals, HUFs, firms, companies, corporations or other business/non-business entities whose campaign, contest, offers, deals, promotion, questionnaire, poll, survey, market research, services, products are listed on the Maityo for any purpose whatsoever.

1.2.2    “Maityo” means https://www.maityo.com which is maintained & operated by Winnopro.

1.2.3    “Services” means and refers to participating in various contests, earning points, winning contest prizes, point redemptions, etc.  

1.2.4    “User” refers to a person who shall register with Maityo through its website with an intention to avail the Services provided by Maityo.

1.2.5    “Partner” refers to any Company or Individual who partners with Maityo/ Winnopro to display, host and promote its products/ services or on behalf of any other third-parties (“end clients”) 

1.3        Acceptance of Conditions

1.3.1    The following conditions will be applicable to all the Users or Partners. The Users & Partners hereby give their consent to these Terms and Conditions in full and also agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions contain the provisions that define User’s legal rights, obligations, cautions and limits with respect to User’s participation and interaction with Maityo and/or the Brand listed on the Maityo.

1.3.2    It is also agreed by the Users that no access to the Services will be permitted unless the Conditions are accepted in full. No User is entitled to accept part of the Conditions. If a User does not agree to the Conditions then such User must immediately stop usage of Maityo and any usage of Services by such User, by whatever means, would be considered as unauthorised usage. Maityo and / or Brand will not be liable in any manner whatsoever to the unauthorised usage of Maityo.

1.3.3    All Users agree to comply with the Conditions and accept that their personal data may be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. In the event that any User fails to comply with any of the Conditions at any time during the tenure of their Membership, Maityo reserves the right to withdraw the User Account in question and suspend or withdraw all Services pertaining to that User without any notice.

1.3.4    Maityo has been developed and made it available only for Users’ personal uses and benefits. Users are not permitted to and shall not modify, distribute, transmit, sell, damage any content or codes published on Maityo website.

1.3.5    Winnopro grants Maityo Users a non-exclusive and non-transferable, limited right to register, browse and use this website only when Maityo Users are complied with these Terms and Conditions of Use. The Maityo Users also agree and confirm that they shall not stop, damage, intervene, interrupt or attempt to interrupt the day-to-day operation and maintenance of this website in any manner whatsoever.           

1.3.6    Winnopro also restricts the Users to copy any material or content of this website for any other use, personal or commercial, beyond this website, including information, but not limited to, of other user data, user engagement data, logos, creatives, content, images, banners, text, audio and video, etc.

1.3.7    Winnopro urge its users to be vigilant and they may contact Maityo to report any misconduct or violation by sending email to: report.violation@maityo.com. User can report violation of any good conduct and may include and not limited to spam, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent, obscene, pornographic, indecent, unlawful, defamatory, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, or otherwise objectionable, against any religious beliefs, potentially infringing or is not authorized by the intellectual property rights owner or is violative of any applicable law. On receiving such requests, Winnopro reserves the right to investigate and/or take actions as appropriate.

1.3.8    Winnopro requests to third parties or business owners or other companies to contact for any Copyright Violations through any content published on this website. Winnopro also understands that during the launch & initial phase of Maityo, it may use and create some specific content for a specific brand or company without any prior intimation and knowledge to the original owners. However, all the IPRs and Copyrights credit are given to the original owner of those IPRs & Copyrights and Winnopro do not own, violate or infringe in that matter. At any point of time, if the original owners feel that Winnopro violates their Terms and Policies, they can submit their observations by writing to: report.violation@maityo.com. On receiving such requests, Winnopro reserves the right to investigate and/or take actions as appropriate. In the event of any content/ contest/ campaigns that are published through a separate agreement with the Partners, then the original owners of IPRs used in these pages/ contests/ campaigns shall not blame or charge or accuse Winnopro/ Maityo in whatsoever reasons. If there is any conflict or copyright violation, it is the Partner who is responsible to resolve the matter with the original brand owner or with the owner of the IPRs used. Winnopro/ Maityo is not liable in that event of occurrence. At any stage, depending on a mutually agreed decision (among the Original Owner of Brand/ IPRs and Partners), Winnopro reserves the right to close/ cancel/ withdraw/ remove those contests/ campaigns.

1.3.9    During the Initial Phase (from the date of Launch till a new date, which will be announced shortly in the future), Maityo will be in a testing period and some of its features and functionalities may not be available. Users and Partners are requested to check the Announcement section for any new Updates. Users and Partners agree that unavailability of some features will not make any sort of dissatisfaction or will not create any negative buzz around that. Maityo and Winnopro are committed to launch all the features and functionalities at the earliest best possible.

1.3.10  During the Initial Phase (from the date of Launch till a new date, which will be announced shortly in the future), Maityo may use and display Promotional Content that refers & represent to a third party without having a prior, mutual consent or agreement with them. The Promotional Content used without the Owner’s consent is only for Proof of Concept and Maityo or Winnopro will not be liable for any Copyright Violation. The Original Owner of the Brand/ Product/ Services can contact Maityo or Winnopro to withdraw the Content at any point of time and Maityo or Winnopro will take the necessary steps to remove the Content.

1.3.11  Maityo or Winnopro doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of information and the links uploaded for the Brands in their respective Showcase Pages. In case, the Brand Owners or their affiliated companies realize any inaccuracy with respect to the data uploaded to represent the Brands, can contact Maityo or Winnopro to correct the information.

1.3.12  Partners who are willing to host their campaigns on Maityo and to associate with Winnopro/ Maityo, will need to go through a due diligence and standard Agreement procedures.


2.1        User Account and Accuracy of Information

2.1.1    In order to use the Services, each User must create a Maityo User Account and agree to provide required information and details that are being requested by Maityo.

2.1.2    Users can Register on Maityo to access the Website to avail all the features/ benefits. Some of the specific features/ benefits are available only to registered Maityo users. To register on Maityo, a User may need to share certain details that may include and not limited to personal information like Name, Email ID, Mobile No, etc. Registered Users also warrant that all these details shared with Winnopro/ Maityo are true and accurate failing to which the User Registration shall be terminated/ withdrawn/ cancelled.

2.1.3    Users agree and accept that all the information provided by them to Maityo while setting up their User Account or at any other time, shall be true, proper, correct, complete and accurate in all respects. Users also agree and understand that Maityo does not undertake any verification to confirm the accuracy of any information provided by the Users on the Maityo. Winnopro/ Maityo will not be liable to any User in the event, any information provided by another User is false, incomplete, inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent.

2.2       Subscription and Usage Policy

2.2.1    The Membership of Maityo by any User through the Maityo website is free of any charges.

2.2.2    Maityo is only a facilitator providing a platform to its Users to interact or participate with/in the campaign, contest, offers, deals, promotion, questionnaire, poll, survey, market research, etc listed by Brands on the Maityo. 

2.2.3    Winnopro/ Maityo has no role to play in the transaction between the Users and Brand neither Winnopro/ Maityo endorse the services / product /event of any Brand. Winnopro/ Maityo does not guarantee, endorse or otherwise confirm the details, information, claim etc. provided or made by Brand in its listing on Maityo. It is advised that User must review or verify independently such details, information, claim, etc. before taking any decision based on that.

2.2.4    The Users shall ensure that no immoral, defamatory, abusive, offensive, insensitive, profane to any person, religion being used with Winnopro and its group companies or other Users. The Users further represents and warrants that all types of responses (review, comment, feedback, rating, sharing, survey/poll responses, etc.) shared on Maityo are legitimate and genuine.

2.2.5    The permission of using Maityo as a Customer or User is granted purely on a temporarily basis and only for personal and non-commercial transactions only. The grant of a User License restricts an User:

            a) to modify, transfer or copy the materials uploaded on Maityo

            b) to use the content uploaded on Maityo for any sales deed or as reselling purpose

            c) to attempt to destruct/ destroy/ decommission/ hack of the Website or the Software used in Maityo’s website

            d) to remove/ reuse/ republish any content that has the Copyright or IPRs of Maityo or its Partners

            e) to transfer the content or user credentials to another individual or parties to directly copy the UI/ Design / Features & Functionalities.

2.2.5    The User License of Maityo shall automatically terminate if any User violates any of the clauses, limitations and restrictions cited on the Maityo website at any point of time. Once the User is Terminated and the User Credentials are cancelled, the User will not be able to register or sign up again.

2.3       Special Programs

A.        Contests

2.3.1    Maityo may announce the Brand specific contests which would be for a specific period as specified in “Instructions” section across such Contests (“Contest Period”). The Contest specific additional rules and eligibility guidelines would be specified separately in the Dedicated Contest Page (DCP) and the same would be termed as “Instructions” hereinafter.

2.3.2    To participate in any Contest, the User should follow the below steps:

a.   A User must be registered with Maityo and must be an Indian Resident who is residing in India during the Contest Period.

b.   A User should follow the Official Facebook Page of Maityo (https://www.facebook.com/Maityo)   

c.    A User should fulfil the Contest Specific Instructions religiously 

2.3.3    The list of winners would usually be classified under two categories as below:

  1. Contest Winners: All eligible Users who complete the necessary steps/ processes as mentioned in the Instructions, would be considered for lucky draw on a daily/ weekly/ contest period basis. The details of the prizes and recognitions would be published on contest specific Instructions. The contest prizes may be sponsored, managed and governed by the contest owner (Brand/ Agency/ Company) or by Maityo. Users are also advised to visit Announcement section on Maityo to understand the latest changes the eligibility criteria, new features and rules.
  2. Maityo Winners: Every day/ week/ month, there would be a lucky draw among all the active and eligible Users and the winners would be published on Maityo and may also be shared across Maityo’s social media pages at the sole discretion of Maityo. Users are also advised to visit the Maityo Announcement section on Maityo website to understand the latest changes around the eligibility criteria, new features and rules.

2.3.4    Users who are eligible to be declared as daily/ weekly/ monthly winners, would go through a verification process managed & owned by Winnopro and as notified from time to time either generally or specifically for a particular Contest. Failure of such verification would result in automatic disqualification of User from such Contest and in such cases the User will not be entitled to Contest reward/prize.

2.3.5    Maityo may in its sole discretion, can change/ modify/ cancel the Contest or prizes announced before and during the Contest Period and the same shall be binding on the Users. No claim will be acceptable from User on account of such change/modification/cancellation of Contest or prize. No prizes/ gratification can be transferred and in return of cash at any circumstances

2.3.6    In each Contest, a User is eligible to be declared as a winner only once and cannot participate in the extended period if such Contest is extended for further period. Maityo, in its sole discretion, may or may not announce the winners on its Website or social channels for any reason whatsoever and the decision of the Maityo shall be final and binding on the Users.

2.3.7    Neither Winnopro nor any of its group companies, affiliates, partners shall be responsible or liable for any technical disruption, failure and/or any other difficulties of such nature, which results into any discrepancies on lucky draw and/or disrupt the communication with the winner(s) due to which Winnopro is unable to intimate the winner(s) of the prize.

2.3.8    Winnopro reserves the right to close/ cancel any Contest (s) without any prior intimation in any form or in any manner to the Users or any other person. Neither Winnopro nor its group companies and their employees provide any assurance or guarantee regarding the quality & volume of the prizes. The winner(s) agree not to hold Winnopro and/or its group companies and/or their respective employees responsible for any delay in awarding and distributing the prizes or for any matter with regards to the prizes.

2.3.9    If there are be any taxes and/or levies applicable under the laws of India then the same shall be borne by the Contest Winners.

2.3.10  During the event of any Contests, if there are any additional details are requested to become eligible for that offer in that Contest (such as Surveys, Polls, Votes, Lead Forms, etc.), then those Users will provide and share the information with their own consent and risk. The Brand Owner will have access to those data and may contact and reach out to those corresponding Users to provide the Offers that were published through that Contest/ Campaign. During this Event, Maityo is not responsible and shall not be blamed for any personal data loss or damage.

2.3.11 Winnopro & Maityo have the sole discretion of selecting, shortlisting or nominating the Winners for different Contests based on certain criteria/ qualification guidelines that may vary from Contests to Contests. Winnopro & Maityo are not liable to justify the selection procedure and shortlisting criterias for Contests Winners to any external/ third parties including Maityo Users, Partners and Maityo Players.

2.3.12 Employee of Winnopro or Maityo or any of its affiliate company are not eligible for the Contest & Maityo Winners selection.

B.        Points and Badges

2.3.12  To earn Points and Badges, Users need to read the “Instructions” of Contest carefully and follow each step authentically & appropriately. Winnopro keeps the right to disqualify a User if at any stage and at any point of time it is found to be evident that a User is not following the steps as per the Instructions and any manipulation during any stage or at any steps to complete the Contest.

2.3.13  Some of the features like Badges, Virtual Cash, Points Redemption features may not be available in the initial phase or during the launch of Maityo or till any further announcement. Users need to comply with the development & progress on those features and benefits and shall not blame or charge Winnopro for any delay or withdrawal of those features/ benefits.

C.        Points Redemption

2.3.12  Users will be able to convert the Maityo points in to Shopping Vouchers, etc. There will be certain conditions and limitations to convert the Maityo Points every month.

2.3.13  Points Redemption is currently not available for Maityo Users. Soon, the feature would be made available to the Users to get the best out of it. Users are advised to check the Maityo Announcement section carefully.

D.        Leaderboard

2.3.14  Maityo offers Contest Leaderboard across each Contest Pages to display the top performers and the most active Players based on their Contests Specific Points.

2.3.15  Maityo also offers Maityo Leaderboard to showcase the Overall Performers. User can access the Maityo Leaderboard through My Account section.


3.1       Maityo reserves the right to review or modify the Terms and Conditions of this Service from time to time at its sole discretion with or without prior notice to the User and such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting on the Maityo. The most current version of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on the Maityo and it is the User's responsibility to review Terms and Conditions of their usage periodically and make himself/ herself aware of any modifications. The User's continued use of this Service will be deemed to be his/her conclusive acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions of the Service.

4.         SECURITY

4.1       All data of the Users will be protected by Maityo by taking adequate encryption and security measures. However, in the event, of any breakdowns, or on occurrence of any errors or security breach which is beyond the reasonable control of Maityo then Maityo shall not own any liability in this regard.

4.2       Maityo is also committed to Users Data Privacy to protect users’ personal information. Accepting the Terms and Condition, Users also agree to the Maityo Privacy Policy. It is the Users’ responsibility to read the Privacy Policy carefully on a regular basis.


5.1       Winnopro/ Maityo is under no obligation to resolve disputes which may arise between the Users and Brands because of any reason whatsoever. The Users will be required to notify any complaint/ feedback w.r.t. Brand within 15 days from the date of issue/ conflict occurrence or receiving the services. Winnopro/ Maityo at its sole discretion may blacklist/ cancel the registration of either parties (Brand or User) whoever will be in default.


6.1       Maityo does not intervene in any manner whatsoever, in the transactions between the Users and the Brand, whether on or outside the platform of Maityo, and nor dose Maityo charges any commission from the Users for its services. Further, Users and Brand may negotiate among themselves basis the nature of services and products without any intervention from Maityo. Hence, on becoming a User with Maityo, Users acknowledge and agree to waive any and all rights to, or claims for, damages (including special and consequential damages), costs, expenses, proprietary or personal injury (including death), or any other compensation of any kind whatsoever against the Maityo, that arise directly or indirectly with respect to (i) use of the products and/or services rendered by Brand and/or (ii) reliance on the information, details, claims, etc provided or made on the Maityo or otherwise; (iii) anything done or omitted to be done by User himself or Brand due to gross negligence, wilful default or wilful misconduct by User or Brand or any of the officers, directors, employees or agents of Brand.

6.2       Maityo shall not be liable to the Users for any incidental, consequential, special, indirect or exemplary damages arising out of its services or from the product or services of Brand, including lost profits or costs of cover, loss of use or business interruption or the like, regardless of whether the party was advised of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Maityo shall have no monetary liability towards any User for any cause (regardless of the form of action) under or relating to this Agreement.


7.1       Users acknowledge and agree that Maityo will be using the information provided in the website at User’s own risk and that Maityo is in no way responsible, and provide no warranty (express or implied) and / or guaranty of any kind with respect to completeness, correctness or accuracy of the information provided therein.

8.         GENERAL TERMS

8.1        Intellectual Property

8.1.1    Users acknowledge and agree that the statutory and other proprietary rights in respect of patents, designs, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, processes, formulae, systems, drawings, data, specifications, documents, and other like rights relating to the Services or displayed or referred to on the Maityo's website are owned by Winnopro or Partners. The Users must not reproduce copy, transmit, adapt, publish or communicate or otherwise exercise the intellectual property rights in the whole or any part of the material contained on the Maityo's Site

8.2       Communications to Users

8.2.1    Winnopro/ Maityo may provide Users with service related announcements by any means, including email or SMS, concerning the User Registration, sale of Product or rendering of service by Brand, the website, etc. For example, all registered Users will receive a welcome email and/ or SMS to verify and confirm their registrations. Winnopro/ Maityo may also contact the Users via email and/ or SMS for program evaluation and feedback purposes. These types of communications are necessary to serve our Users better, respond to User’s concerns and to provide the high level of service that Maityo offers to its Users.

8.2.2    The information provided by Users may be used by Winnopro/ Maityo to create and deliver emails such as Maityo’s newsletters, surveys or other email messages containing product and event information or promotions. If at any given time Users decide that they would not like to receive these emails, Users may select the 'Unsubscribe' link on the email.

8.2.3    Winnopro/ Maityo may also send text message/SMS alerts containing Contests, Products, Event information or any other such promotions on User’s mobile phone. Winnopro/ Maityo does not charge any fee for such text messages and emails from the Users.

8.2.4    The Users understand that they will receive promotional emails and SMS from various entities associated with Winnopro/ Maityo promoting their products. If at any given time Users decide that they would not like to receive these emails, Users may select the 'Unsubscribe' link on the email.

8.3       Third Parties         

8.3.1    Winnopro/ Maityo may onboard or retain or hire other companies and individuals to perform functions on its behalf consistent with the Privacy Policy. Examples include data analysis firms, customer support specialists, email vendors, web-hosting companies, fulfilment companies (e.g., companies that coordinate mailings), etc. Such third parties may be provided with access to personal information needed to perform their functions but may not use such information other than on Maityo’s behalf and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

8.3.2    Maityo website may contain website links to third party websites other than Winnopro and its affiliate companies. Winnopro does not guarantee, manage and control such websites and is also not responsible for their contents. The inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not mean and refer to any endorsement of the material published on those websites. If at any point of time, a User clicks and accesses those third-party websites at its own risk and sole discretion.

8.4       Business Transfers

8.4.1    As Maityo continue to develop and grow its business, Maityo may sell certain of its assets. In such transactions, user information, including personal information, is generally one of the transferred business assets. By registering with Maityo Users agree that User’s personal information data may be transferred to such parties in these circumstances.

8.4.2    In the event of any Merger & Acquisition of Maityo/ Winnopro with any other company, the company that acquires or own majority stakes, will have its own rights to own and manage the Maityo website and its content and users’ data. Users are legally bound to comply with the new terms and conditions in that matter of event.

8.5       Compliance with Law

8.5.1    Winnopro/ Maityo may disclose information that is necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request. In addition, Maityo may disclose any information when it is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss or about suspected or actual illegal activity.

8.6       Miscellaneous

8.6.1    Services/Products offered by Brand are their own responsibility. Winnopro/ Maityo is not responsible for its quality, warranties, after sales service, parts, etc.

8.6.2    Winnopro/ Maityo is not responsible for any User/ third party claims for issues related to product or services of Brand.

8.6.3    All the differences/ disputes/ claims will be settled mutually and subject to Bengaluru jurisdiction only.

8.7       Video Content Usage:

8.7.1    Maityo does not host or upload any videos owned by others directly on its website unless special permission from the Brand /Owner/ Company is being obtained. Although Maityo may publish and include the links to the original videos uploaded on the popular online video hosting sites (like, YouTube). The website linking is primarily done either through the Video Link or by the embedded code that is being provided by video hosting sites (like, YouTube). The sole ownership and content origination and exclusivity of such content still lies with the video owner who created or marketed the video. Maityo or its parent company Winnopro or any other affiliate companies will not be held liable for these videos uploaded by others on video hosting sites. The videos that are embedded to Maityo are only with the discretion of the original owner of the video and the license agreed upon while uploading on video hosting sites (like, YouTube). Maityo or its parent company Winnopro or any other affiliate company is not responsible for what other people or companies upload to video hosting sites.

8.7.2    All trademarks, trade names, service marks, images, copyrights, logos etc. that were referenced herein belong to their respective owners/ companies. If in case, a video displayed or embedded on Maityo which is violating any specific copyright and if the concerned authority wants us to remove that video, they may contact us. We will review the legitimate request and will make necessary action.

8.8       Image/ Creative Content Usage:

8.8.1    Maityo does not publish any images/ creatives that are owned and developed by others unless those are shared by the Authorised parties like Maityo Partners. Maityo does not copy images/ creatives from any other websites directly on its website unless it is owned and developed by Maityo or with special permission from the Brand Owner/ Company who developed those images/ creatives. Maityo allows its Partners to upload images/ creatives that are developed by themselves or through other third-party agencies with their own discretion. The sole ownership and content origination and exclusivity still lies with the Brand / Owner/ Company who created or marketed the images/ creatives. Maityo or its parent company Winnopro or any other affiliate companies will not be held liable for these images/ creatives uploaded by its Partners.

8.8.2    All trademarks, trade names, service marks, copyrights, logos etc. that are used by Maityo for creating new images / creative, belong to their respective owners/ companies. Maityo does not claim any ownership or title on such third party intellectual property rights used by Maityo for creating those images / creatives. However, the intellectual property rights on such images / creative, as a whole or excluding the third party IPR, would belong to Maityo exclusively. If an image/ creative is violating any specific copyright and if the concerned authority wants us to remove that image/ creative, they may contact us. We will review the legitimate request and will make necessary action.

9          Exclusivity: Winnopro Rights

9.1       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right for managing the Users once they register on Maityo website. Maityo Users/ Players agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Winnopro in that matter. Winnopro may cancel/ terminate a User account if found guilty or violating any clauses. Users will not have any claim or charge against Winnopro/ Maityo in that matter whatsoever.

9.2       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right for managing and publishing the Contests/ Campaigns on Maityo website directly or indirectly, for own purpose or for third parties, by self or on behalf of others. Winnopro also owns the right to cancel/ postpone/ prepone any Contest/ Campaign on Maityo website.

9.3       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right to treat all the information shared via any communication or mode to Winnopro/ Maityo via emails, phone calls, through SMS or otherwise, that may include user personal information, interests, taste, hobbies, demographics (age, gender, location, etc.), queries & questions, suggestions or such like information as non-confidential and without any copyrights or IPRs.

9.4       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right to use any information shared or published by Users or Partners via Maityo website or through emails, SMS, to use and analyse, repurpose, reuse, copy, post, publish, disclose, license, sell, transmit, or same likes.

9.5       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right to manage and run the Maityo website. Any delay or faults or slowed-down or unusual behaviour of the website or down-time or any other similar issues are not guaranteed. In these circumstances, Users/ Partners/ Third Parties shall not claim or charge or blame Winnopro for whatsoever reasons.

9.6       Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right to own, manage and handle the Winners Selection process & criteria as well the Winners declaration processes, etc.

10         Arbitration

10.1     Users hereby agree that any and all disputes, claims, questions, or disagreements arising out of or in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall include, without limitation of the validity, interpretation, implementation, material breach or any alleged material breach of any term or condition of these Terms and Conditions, the Parties shall endeavour to settle such disputes amicably through discussion within a period of 30 days from the date of notice by either party of the dispute. Failure to which shall lead to Arbitration proceedings as specified under the law of arbitration applicable to India, i.e. the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (as amended or substituted) from time to time.

10.2     Notice for the Arbitration shall be served within 30 days of failure of parties to settle the dispute amicably through discussion. The dispute(s) shall be referred to the arbitration of a Sole Arbitrator to be appointed in accordance with the Arbitration law.

10.3     The award passed by the Sole Arbitrator shall be final and binding on the Parties.

10.4     The venue of Arbitration shall be Bengaluru, India and the proceedings shall be conducted in English language. Further, the notice served on the email ID of the User(s) shall be deemed to be considered as valid service of the notice.

11         DISCLAIMERS

11.1     Winnopro/ Maityo partners with third-party websites or companies to make some features   relevant to the Users and also to make that available for them. Users acknowledge that to use and avail those features, they will follow and complete the corresponding validation, verification and authentication process.

11.2     The Users of Maityo Website and Maityo Mobile Application hereby acknowledge and agree to complete the Email and Mobile no. verifications during the User Registration or during the Mobile App Installation process.

11.3     Winnopro shall not be charged or blamed or liable to any User or Partner or Third Party for any sequential/ non-sequential, incidental/ non-incidental, direct/ indirect, punitive/ consequential losses, damages and costs/ expenses of any kind whatsoever and howsoever caused from the usage of Maityo website.

11.4     Users acknowledge and agree to the changes/ modifications done on Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy time-to-time basis whenever it happens. Winnopro/ Maityo may or may not inform the Users for those changes/ modifications. Users accept the responsibility to read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on a regular basis. No claim or charges against Winnopro/ Maityo shall be acceptable or valid or entertained in any manner whatsoever.

11.5     The Third Party Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in the images, banners, text, audio and video content published on Maityo website are the property of the respective third-party owners. Winnopro/ Maityo doesn’t own or claim any of such IPRs. Furthermore, Winnopro/ Maityo doesn’t endorse the service or product of such third party and vice-versa.

11.6     To avail the Contest Prizes and other benefits, Users acknowledge that the contact information (like Email ID, Phone/ Mobile no., etc.) shared on Maityo website are genuine, accurate and active. Any loss or misuse or failure to delivery of the Prizes/ Shopping Voucher/ Coupon/ Gifts due to wrong contact information provided by the Users are solely in discretion with them. Winnopro/ Maityo shall not be blamed or not liable for these losses/ damages due to any faults or misconduct by the Users.