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Privacy Policy


1.          Introduction

1.1       We at Winnopro Technologies Private Limited (“Winnopro”), managing and owning the website (“Maityo”), take care and make the utmost importance to your personal information shared at We are always grateful to you for sharing your personal details whenever and wherever asked to. We would also like to thank you for trusting on us. As you have shared your personal information with us, we are now more responsible to protect your information and privacy. We have developed our Privacy Policy to assist you to understand which information Maityo collects and subsequently, how do we use that information to make you aware about your personal information and how to keep it confidential. We insist our Users to read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis as we make changes & updates on a regular basis. Moreover, you can also change and update your personal information via My Account and Settings on for any changes/ updates around your profile and user credentials.

1.2       Maityo helps you to come closer to your favorite Brand/ Company and guides you to generate and create various winning possibilities based on your searches, interests, the time and effort that you put around various activities on Maityo website. During this period, you may have shared your personal information as appropriate whenever you are being asked for.

1.3       While, we are committed to protect your privacy rights on Maityo website, however at certain levels we do not have any control on third party websites and companies who visit, crawl and monitor websites including Maityo. Winnopro is not liable for any unknown or unauthorized or unlawful disclosures of your personal/confidential information collected and made available by those third parties. The examples include, and not limited to, online advertisers, third party websites and links published on Maityo website.

1.4       Maityo Privacy Policy primarily describes the following:

  • What are the Personal & Confidential Information that we collect?
  • Why do we collect that specific information?
  • How do we further use that information?
  • How can you access and update your information?


2.         Personal & Confidential Information that we collect from you

2.1       We collect personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") which means and includes all information that relates to a specific individual which, directly, indirectly or in combination with other information, is capable of identifying such individual. Personal information may include first name, last name, screen name, User ID, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email ID, location, User interests and any details that may have been voluntarily provided by the User while registering on Maityo and subsequently during participation in any Contests/ Campaigns.

2.2       Apart from the information shared or communicated during the Registration process and while using Maityo services, some of the other events/ occurrences where we may store or collect information as below (and not limited to):

  1. The pattern or the way you navigate and use Maityo Website from time to time
  2. The pattern or the way you log in such as the devices, browsers, IP address, date, etc.
  3. The pattern of the way you redeem your points and how you connect with your contacts/ friends

2.3       Please note that any information that is freely available or accessible in public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law for the time being in force shall not be regarded/ treated as Personal Information.


3.         Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

3.1       Maityo website may use "cookies" and other similar technologies to identify your browser/ device. A "cookie" is nothing but a small text file, for example, to collect information about activity on the web site. Some cookies and similar technologies may assist to recall the personal information that were indicated or shared by a specific web user. However, most of the browsers allow users to control cookies, and if needs to accept them and how to remove them. We also use Google Analytics to understand the Website Traffic and Visitors and their related behavior online.

3.2       Maityo website may use Push Notification tool to provide notifications to Users based on their relevance, interests and preference. By accepting and allowing the tool, Users agree and confirm that their usage of Website and the online behavior may be used to provide the relevant notifications with regards to Contests, Campaigns, Deals, Offers, etc. as and when it appears and published on Maityo.


4.         We Use Personal Information to Assist and Serve our Users Better

4.1       Winnopro/ Maityo uses the Users Personal Information to provide a better experience and service. Winnopro/ Maityo shall use such information to contact the Users via Email, Phone or SMS for the services or information requested, for providing the new updates, to announce the winners, to update about new promotion & contests, sharing marketing communication, etc.

4.2       Winnopro/ Maityo may identify Users interests, customize User’s use of services, inform Users about services/ campaigns/ contests/ deals/ offers etc. Maityo may also collect and monitor the Users behavior to protect Maityo against any fraud and other illegal activities, enforce Maityo’s terms and conditions, etc.

4.3       Maityo is built on Artificial-Intelligence based mechanism to gather and display the right set of Campaigns / Contests/ Services for the Right set of Users. Maityo also uses Users Personal Information to improve the User experience by recognizing and guiding the Users to engage with a Brand for a better deal and offer.

4.4       Winnopro/ Maityo may engage with an agreement with any third-party company to provide you an improved experience of website navigation, searches, relevant content, appropriate ads, whenever you use Maityo. In those circumstances, you agree that Winnopro/ Maityo may use your personal information solely to provide you a better and improved services. These third-party companies may use your information with regards to online behavior, website visits, searches, etc. to provide relevant content and ads.


5.         Your Consent and Acceptance when You Share Your Personal Information

5.1       By visiting Maityo’s website, you expressly give us your acceptance & consent to use or disclose your Personal Information as per the terms of this Privacy Policy and further approve Maityo to consider and use your Personal Information to serve you better by providing more relevant content. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, we urge you not to register on Maityo, also do not use or access Maityo’s website.

5.2       As a registered User of Maityo, you may be participated on various Contests/ Campaigns that are being promoted and sponsored by our Partner companies. At some stages, you may be asked questions about your personal information again. In that case, Users fill the form and participate in the Contest/ Campaign by their own risk and sole discretion. In those circumstances, the information shared by the Users may be accessible for the Partner company or third parties to contact you and to provide you the Deals/ Offers/ Discounts/ Prizes, etc.

5.3       By registering on Maityo and while using the services, you acknowledge that you understand our Privacy Policy and you do not have any conflicts or concerns when sharing your information with us for different purposes as described and mentioned in this Policy.


6.         Personal Information Security

6.1       We respect your Personal Information that you share with us. When you do so, it is on us how to take proper security measures to protect your information against any misuse and unauthorized usage. We only use anonymous user data to improve our Website to provide you better user experience and relevant content.

6.2       Maityo does not rent, sell or share any kind of User Personal Information with any other third parties or any non-affiliated companies. We only share the information to trusted partners who work on behalf of Winnopro/ Maityo and under confidentiality agreements. However, these companies do not have any independent right to reuse and republish this information.

6.3       We may transfer all our internal and external information including User Personal Information if at any point of time, the owner of Maityo, Winnopro Technologies Private Limited gets acquired by or merged with any other company. In that circumstance we will notify our Users about the transfer of data and in such case, User would be subject to a different or new privacy policy adopted by the other company.

6.4       While we are strictly working on securing your personal information shared on Maityo, you should also realize and note that the personal information and privacy policies of our partners, sponsors, advertisers or other parties and websites (to which we may have association at various levels) may have a different clauses and rules as compared to ours.

6.5       Winnopro/ Maityo cannot warrant the security of User Information that users may have shared or communicated to us at different stages.


7.         Information Update

7.1       We allow our Users to update and make corrections about any changes to your Personal Information to keep that most recent, updated and correct. You can do that by accessing My Account and Settings sections, as per your requirement. In case if the User wants to withdraw his / her consent to provide Personal Information, he / she may contact us at for deletion of his / her Personal Information. The User accept and acknowledge that in such cases, Maityo may retain Personal Information of the User for record maintenance or compliance purpose.


8.         Personal Information shared with third parties

8.1       Maityo’s website may contain links to other websites or the details of third parties that may collect User Personal Information when User interacts with third parties, in any manner, with such linked websites or third parties. Maityo is not responsible for the privacy policies of those linked websites/ third parties and the Personal Information shared by User with such linked websites/ third parties.


9.         Disclosure of Personal Information

9.1       Without the consent of User, Winnopro/ Maityo shall not use or disclose Personal Information for purposes other than as mentioned in this policy. Provided that the Personal Information may be shared, without obtaining prior consent from User, with Government agencies mandated under the law to obtain Personal Information for the purpose of verification of identity, or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences. Further, such Personal Information can be disclosed to any third party by an order under the law for the time being in force.

9.2       Where necessary, Winnopro/ Maityo may disclose Personal Information to business partners, associate entities or third parties during the normal course of business for the purposes mentioned in this policy. In such cases, Maityo ensures that such business partner, associate company or third party has adopted a reasonable and equivalent level of privacy policy to ensure security of the Personal Information shared.


10.        Changes & Updates to the Policy

10.1     Winnopro/ Maityo reserves the right to modify, change and update the terms of this Privacy Policy at any given time without informing the Users. The changes & updates to the Policy shall come to effect from the date of Policy Revision or Update.


11.        Disclaimers 

11.1     The terms, clauses and disclosures mentioned in this Privacy Policy may have changed and updated by Maityo at any point of time without any prior intimation.

11.2     Winnopro/ Maityo shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred due to any of the disclosures mentioned in this Policy regarding the user account and / or personal information shared or regarding their online verification process during the Points Redemption process and nor for any discrepancies or inaccuracy with respect to any information so disclosed and shared by the users and used if in pursuance of a legal process or otherwise.