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How It Works

How It Works

Maityo is all about Winning for Everyone, Every Day. Every Action made on Maityo by a Maityo Player is rewarded through various Points. Below are the details of how can a User Register on Maityo, Search for Contests and then Start Participating in those Contests.


(Note: Every activity and action taken by a Player will be monitored closely and if found guilty or violating any rules/ guidelines, the Player will be blocked and user registration will be cancelled. It is utmost important for a Player to participate in Maityo Contest with a genuine intention, proper feedback & reviews and following the Contest rules. Any kind of online trolling and misconduct will not be entertained on Maityo. Read our T&C page for more details)

Here are some illustrations to help you understand more about Contest Eligibility and Participation.

Illustration 1: Contest Eligibility - a detailed demonstration of how can a Maityo Player stay eligibile for a particular contest. 


 Illustration 2: Earning Points - a detailed step by step process on how can Maityo Player earn more and more points.